Pharma Supply Inc.

Pharma Supply is a family owned and operated corporation. Pharma Supply is a part of a group of companies that have been established for over 22 years ago. Our philosophy is that only the most innovative and newest technology should be accessible to the medical supply community. With our devotion and dedication, we have done extensive research to develop the most efficient products.

We have two home offices in Florida and three satellite locations throughout the United States including North Carolina, Arkansas and Puerto Rico. Pharma Supply has established an Advocate product line. The Advocate line has blood glucose monitoring systems, blood pressure monitors, incontinence supply, disposables and an array of arthritic products.  Advocate is distributed nationally and internationally to numerous regions including Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Along with the Advocate product line we offer a wide range of professionals; licensed Pharmacist, certified nutritionist, insulin pump educator, board certified licensed Pedorthists and Optician, diabetes educator, and a technical support team. Pharma Supply is capable of providing instantaneous diagnostic screenings over the phone, to guide consumers on the proper operation of equipment for optimal accuracy and results.

We welcome you and thank you for choosing Pharma Supply!

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